Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011: The Best Bits

It's finally coming to the end of 2011. Still asking myself where has this year gone! As I get older, the years just seem to fly by without me noticing. 2011 has been a big year for me. It got off to a rocky start with the ending of a relationship and the dissolution of a few friendships, but out of that I've become a lot stronger with each passing month and made better friendships than I could have thought and I couldn't be happier right now. I'll give you a quick low down on a few high points of this year along with a few photos!

Enjoy :)

1) Meeting my new housemates. 
These guys are seriously amazing and never fail to make me smile. They're all so unique and different (how we all get on is one of life's great little mysteries), but as the newbie to the house, they just made it so comfortable for me and soon became a member of their little family.

2) Glastonbury: Best weekend of my life. 

3) Jacob. My baby brother who just completes my big, crazy family. His little face just lights up my day and never fails to make me smile. If I'm ever having a bad day, I only have to look at his cheeky little grin and I forget all my troubles. I can't wait to watching him grow up with Joseph next year and witness all the mischief they get in to. 

4) Jacques Townhouse and my time in London. 
Back in July, I was offered the most amazing opportunity to work with the lovely Frankie Murray of Swell Vintage, assisting her as a stylist at the Jacques Townhouse in London for 2 weeks. It was so much fun and I had a blast getting to know new people, finding lifelong friends and making great industry contacts. Wish I could relive those 2 weeks with Frankie, Akeela, Hannah, Terrence, Caroline and all the others at Chandos House!... If only to have another lumberjack breakfast at 10pm at the Diner in Soho, or to steal more of Caroline's amazing cupcakes!! 

5) Nights out with the home crew.
This year I tried to come home as often as I could to spend time with the besties. Spending many nights out just having a laugh like we used to in school and getting up to mischief. I think catching up with everyone from home is important and maintaining those friendships has really helped me get through this year.

6) Sex & London City Party at London Fashion Week
In September I went up to London with Mia and Hann for the LFW party by invite from the lovely ladies Nixalina and Karena from Fashion Forward PR. I had an amazing night talking to  people from the fashion industry and getting a little tipsy from the cocktails at Amika! The party was a great night and I finally got to meet people that I had only conversed with over Twitter. But I think spending the morning after bonding with the girls in Covent Garden, drinking tea and getting an incredible sugar rush from the biggest cupcakes ever that really was the cherry on the cake... ha!

7) Fashion Society. 
I definitely underestimated the amount of hard work that goes into help run a University society! With so much planning to do before we even came back to Uni, the girls and I had our work cut out for us before we'd even started. But it was definitely worth it! The 6 of us have worked together to plan events, with many meetings in Milgi, and getting a little too tipsy on our first social. I think our high point was pulling off our fashion charity show. We raised over £200 for charity, which really was a credit to how hard everyone had worked. Next year we have even more amazing things lined up and an even bigger fashion show! So keep an eye out for tweets and invites to our events!

(Photo courtesy of James Cohen)

2011 has been the best year yet, and I just look forward to what 2012 brings.



Thursday, 27 October 2011

In Loving Memory

I still remember the morning when everything changed. I remember the hurt look on my mother's face as she answered the telephone. I remember the sickening feeling in my stomach as we drove to the house. I remember the song that played on the radio that morning. I remember hearing the cries of my family in the other room. I remember the last time I saw him. That day was 5 years ago today and I still remember every little detail. It plays over and over in my head as I relive those final moments, before everything changed. It's been 5 years and it doesn't get any easier. 

This day is much harder now than it ever has been. As I grow older I am more aware of things and how they affect me. I realise now, more than ever, how much he influenced the person I am today.

I know everyone says that their Grandfather was the greatest. My Dado certainly was. A man who always put his family first. Who would never let one of his girls go without a seat if the house was packed (which it usually was on the weekend!). A man who's charm and kindness was so overwhelming, that you just couldn't not smile when you saw him. 

I remember his smooth voice, the sparkle of his blue eyes and the warmth in his laugh. I can still even hear him singing "Oh Aggie, Aggie May... someone's taken her away" (he had nicknames for all us kids ha!). I can still remember how frustrated I used to get when he would always ask me how my boyfriend was doing, when I didn't even have one! I remember how I could never get angry at him and no matter how upset I was, he would always make me smile. 

10 years ago, I wrote that my Dado was my Hero. And he really was. I think he was the hero of my whole family. He had 3 generations of girls who only admired him, and grandsons who idolised him. 

My Dado was a great man. I miss him more and more everyday. But I feel comfort in knowing that he is always with me and looking after my family, keeping us out of trouble and helping to make our dreams come true. I think he would be really proud if he could have seen us today; seeing the adults we've all blossomed in to. 

It was 5 years today that he went from us. From his chair, but never from our hearts.

Miss you, John Boy.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photography: Day at the Park

Just a few snaps I took today in the park with my father and brother. Roath Park in Autumn is so pretty! 



Saturday, 15 October 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

As I'm sure you might have realised, I don't blog very often, and I assure you there is a reason for that... I'm just so busy I keep forgetting to. Which I know is really bad, but I promise to take more time for my blog. I just thought I'd make a little post to keep everyone informed of what I'm currently doing and upcoming projects.
I'm sure you might have seen me tweeting links to my posts. I'm one of the newbies to the site but I had a meeting with my editor a few weeks ago who told me that my posts have been a huge success to the site! Which I am so happy about! Since then he has made me head fashion writer! At the moment the site is under construction but I've been told that I will have my own section dedicated to fashion and particularly Cardiff fashion! There is very little media out there that showcases Cardiff as an upcoming fashion capital. So I'm hoping to feature street style photos of the city's budding fashionistas, promote upcoming fashion events, include interviews of people from Cardiff who now work in the industry, etc.. It's a new project for me and I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I am so excited to see where it goes.

Singles Warehouse
I'm really excited to be one of the featured writers for Singles Warehouse, one features of the UK's leading dating blogs. The blog features a lot of really great dating tips and witty posts by writers who share their dating stories and advice to members. Personally speaking, I have experienced love before, a couple of times but still don't understand it (but then again, who does?!). So be sure to keep up with my fortnightly posts under the alias name Forever Hopeful, as I (hopefully) pass on words of wisdom to others like me.

Fashion Society
So it's my last year on University so I decided to make the most of it and so decided to join the committee of Fashion Society. So far it's been incredible and it's only the 2nd week of term! The other ladies on the committee; Mia, Hann, Hannah,Jodie and Pip have been so lovely to spend time with and we've had some great time so far planning all the events and meeting for tea. Some of our events aren't just for members, so I  will try to keep you all posted on any that I think you'd like to come along to !

I do have lots of other little projects but some are unconfirmed and are still 'in the works', so out of fear of jinxing them, I won't say too much about them... for now!



Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

So I realised that I am awfully delayed with putting up my posts, which I do apologise for! Being back in Uni, it's a little difficult to juggle so many different things. Anyway, I have just returned home having spent a lovely couple of hours with Mia and Catt at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Cardiff's Student Union. I always love going to Judy's fairs as they always have the best selection of vintage buys from homeware to jewelry and even had a cute seating area for tea and cupcakes!

There were so many different stalls from lots of new independent vintage sellers that we had to make 4 trips around the stalls in order to take everything in! The variety was overwhelming! I managed to catch up with the lovely ladies at Rose Tinted vintage (who always have the most amazing dresses at the best prices!), they're always my favourite ladies for vintage and always have the cutest bags! 

I was surprised and overwhelmed by the age ranges of the shoppers at the fair. There were young children with their parents, young teens to adults, it was really lovely. Catching up with Jo and Danielle from Rose Tinted we were discussing how Cardiff has a overwhelming support network of vintage buyers and shoppers but not many people know about the events. It seems to be a common passion for most fashion shoppers in  Cardiff but not many know of the events. So I'm hoping that my work with I can hopefully bring more awareness to these events and keep everyone in the know! 

Here are just a few photos I took at the fair:

Overall, a lovely morning of vintage, fun, tea and cakes! Looking forward to the next fair!

Also, if anyone knows of any vintage/fashion events then please let me know on



Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fash Soc goes to LFW

I realise that I'm a little delayed with this blog post, and I do apologise!

On Friday, the Fash Soc girls and I were invited to the Sex and London City party hosted by the gorgeous Nixalina and FashionForwardPR. It was a fabulous night of cocktails and meeting new people. Oh and I also met up with my lovely friend Frankie Murray, who I worked with for the Jacques Townhouse event back in July. It was great to see her, catch up and drool over the Diner dinners we love so much! Hopefully we'll get invited to more FashionForward events in the future!

Here's a few pictures from the night.

(You may notice that I'm not wearing the dress I was planning on wearing... had a slight wardrobe malfunction and went with option 2)



Thursday, 15 September 2011

The night before LFW

So, its the night before Fashion Society head to the big city for the Sex and London City LFW cocktail party and I am so nervous! My dresses are hanging up ready to go, over night bag is packed ready. You would swear I was going on a long holiday abroad. But I always feel that its good to be prepared! (if 3 years of Brownies taught me anything). 

This is my first ever London Fashion Week event and to be honest, I am totally freaking out. Its going to be quite intimidating to be in a room with celebrities and industry veterans, when I'm just a student from Cardiff. But I'm lucky enough to have 2 lovely girls come with me, and hopefully I can meet up with some of my London friends who are also attending the party.

Mission: The Dress 
I knew that I just had to have the perfect dress for the occasion and I had tried asking around PR companies via Twitter to see if any designers would loan me a dress for the occassion, but since I'm only a student, chances of that happening were pretty slim. However, AJ from was lovely enough to get in touch with me to say that Jane Shilton would loan shoes to me and the girls! The shoes were gorgeous and I'm every so greatful to Jane Shilton for offering me the chance to wear them, but like most girls, I need the dress before I get the shoes and unfortunately I missed my chance. However, there were a pair of killer leopard print heels that I might just have to borrow sometime! (Fingers crossed)

After weeks of searching and worrying about having the perfect cockatil dress, I think I finally found it! It's from Topshop and I love it. The picture doesn't do the dress justice but it is so pretty on. The chiffon falls perfectly (and for being curvy like I am, that doesn't happen often). 

What you guys think?

I'm pairing it with black suede peep toe heels and vintage inspired black leather chain bag, with soft retro waves and red lippy. I was advised to keep my outfit fun, elegant but still comfortable, so this classic inspired dress is perfect for me!

I'm just excited to wear it on the red carpet. I'm praying not to have a bad hair day tomorrow!
Wish me luck.



Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Michelle Monroe

I'll be completely honest, when I first heard that actress Michelle Williams was to play the role of Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic of the late icon's life, I was dubious. Not that I don't love Michelle Williams! She will always be bad-girl-gone-good Jen Lindley to me (Dawson's Creek fans will agree with me), and her personal style is simply inpirational. But I wondered how the petite, 31 year old actress would be able to pull of Marilyn's uber overt sex appeal. But looking at her cover spread for US Vogue's October issue, I couldn't be more wrong. She is simply stunning! 

Dressed in a revealing light pink Oscar de la Renta gown with berry coloured lips and Monroe's statement blonde curls, she looks drop-dead gorgeous. A modern bombshell. 

The photographs inside the pictorial were shot by world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz has taken on a very similar style to Milton H. Greene, who photographed of Marilyn herself over a 10 year period, in which he was able to beautifully capture the icon's talents, moods and spirit. The pictures are incredible and the actress looks gorgeous. I just can't wait for the movie!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Photography: Taris

Here's a few photos I took with my cousin Taris last Summer. We spent the afternoon on top of the Rhigos Mountain in South Wales. It was such a beautiful day that we ended up having an impromptu photoshoot and had so much fun! These a couple of my favourite pictures of the afternoon. As you can probably tell, most of them are natural and unposed, which is how I like to photograph people; relaxed, casual, and being who they are without realising it.


Decisions, decisions

Today I factually recieved an invite to the Jasper Garvida show! I'll admit that I actually did a Molly-Ringwald-Breakfast-Club-style dance in my kitchen when I opened the letter. I've seen on Twitter for days that everyone was recieving their London Fashion Week invites, and I had still to hear back from the ones I had applied to... so to recieve an invite is a pretty big deal for me! However, I also booked places for Look magazine's Look Lounge, which is on the same day! (arrrrgh!) So now I'm faced with a rather difficult decision: do I go to the catwalk show or to the blog talks?

A part of me is slightly leaning towards to the blog talks. Just because, as I'm new to blogging, I think it would be more beneficial to me in the long run. But at the same time the little voice in my head is screaming "Its London Fashion Week you clumsbucket" Go for it!"... Hmmm what do I do...

Decisions, decisions.



A little about Alex

Well I'm quite new to this and I'm not really sure where to start, so I thought I would say a little bit about myself. Just a few little facts so you can get to know a little bit about me.

- My name is Alex, but most of my family call me Ethel (because I'm an old woman trapped in a 20 something body)
- I have 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers.
- I read a lot of 1930's literature.
- I'm passionate about fashion and personal style.
- Inspired by the great love stories from the movies.
- I can communicate my view of the world better through my camera lense than through speech.
- A firm believer that everything happens for a reason.
- Fascinated by the psychy of serial killers (yes I have my own opinions on the death penalty, which I might write about one day)
- Black and white movies are the best!
- A few describe me as a 'Dark Horse' (so I might surprise you on occassion)
- Disney movies are appropriate at ANY age!
- Weakness for American reality TV - Jersey Shore and The Hills (when LC was there) trump!
- I was a self-proclaimed Tom Boy growing up.
- I'll always believe in true love.



Let the journey begin...

I  figured that since I guest post to a few blogs that I should probably start my own... So here goes...

This little blog of mine will be a place for me to share with everyone things I'm interested in such as fashion styling and vintage, as well as showcasing my writing skills (I'm not saying I'm good at this, but I'll give it a go), photographs that I've taken on my journeys, and just a place for me to share news of my adventures with everyone.

It's just a little blog at the moment... but it will grow... just give me time!