Monday, 12 March 2012

Photography: Le Chateau Labastide Paumes

So Summer is approaching slowly. (A little too slowly at times if you ask me). But I've looking through old photos from previous summer's reminiscing and laughing at the memories. I think one of my favourite summer memories have to be when I spent some time in a Castle in the South of France... Yes, a Castle! I was pretty shocked too when she said! But yes, her family own a 12th Century chateau just outside of Toulouse. It was an amazing week spent in the French countryside without civilisation or any traces of tourist attractions... although I guess we were the tourist attraction as we did get a few travellers come up to the castle on a few occasions for a quick tour. These are just a few pictures that I took whilst I was there. I'm not the best at photography so my pictures don't do the castle any justice! It was incredibly beautiful! Wish I could go back... maybe someday!

What are your favourite Summer memories?