Thursday, 15 September 2011

The night before LFW

So, its the night before Fashion Society head to the big city for the Sex and London City LFW cocktail party and I am so nervous! My dresses are hanging up ready to go, over night bag is packed ready. You would swear I was going on a long holiday abroad. But I always feel that its good to be prepared! (if 3 years of Brownies taught me anything). 

This is my first ever London Fashion Week event and to be honest, I am totally freaking out. Its going to be quite intimidating to be in a room with celebrities and industry veterans, when I'm just a student from Cardiff. But I'm lucky enough to have 2 lovely girls come with me, and hopefully I can meet up with some of my London friends who are also attending the party.

Mission: The Dress 
I knew that I just had to have the perfect dress for the occasion and I had tried asking around PR companies via Twitter to see if any designers would loan me a dress for the occassion, but since I'm only a student, chances of that happening were pretty slim. However, AJ from was lovely enough to get in touch with me to say that Jane Shilton would loan shoes to me and the girls! The shoes were gorgeous and I'm every so greatful to Jane Shilton for offering me the chance to wear them, but like most girls, I need the dress before I get the shoes and unfortunately I missed my chance. However, there were a pair of killer leopard print heels that I might just have to borrow sometime! (Fingers crossed)

After weeks of searching and worrying about having the perfect cockatil dress, I think I finally found it! It's from Topshop and I love it. The picture doesn't do the dress justice but it is so pretty on. The chiffon falls perfectly (and for being curvy like I am, that doesn't happen often). 

What you guys think?

I'm pairing it with black suede peep toe heels and vintage inspired black leather chain bag, with soft retro waves and red lippy. I was advised to keep my outfit fun, elegant but still comfortable, so this classic inspired dress is perfect for me!

I'm just excited to wear it on the red carpet. I'm praying not to have a bad hair day tomorrow!
Wish me luck.



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