Monday, 12 March 2012

Photography: Le Chateau Labastide Paumes

So Summer is approaching slowly. (A little too slowly at times if you ask me). But I've looking through old photos from previous summer's reminiscing and laughing at the memories. I think one of my favourite summer memories have to be when I spent some time in a Castle in the South of France... Yes, a Castle! I was pretty shocked too when she said! But yes, her family own a 12th Century chateau just outside of Toulouse. It was an amazing week spent in the French countryside without civilisation or any traces of tourist attractions... although I guess we were the tourist attraction as we did get a few travellers come up to the castle on a few occasions for a quick tour. These are just a few pictures that I took whilst I was there. I'm not the best at photography so my pictures don't do the castle any justice! It was incredibly beautiful! Wish I could go back... maybe someday!

What are your favourite Summer memories?



Wednesday, 29 February 2012

On Set: Behind the Scenes

I wanted to do something new at Beatreview and spice up the posts, so I thought I would attempt photoshoots. This is the first one that has allowed me to work as creative director and with the helpful guidance from Sophie at Static Patterns and Beatreview writer Lorna we pulled off our first shoot! (Yay!) Shot at Buffalo Bar in Cardiff by Jake Morley, with my friend Hannah Morgan as the model, styled in 1940's vintage dresses.

Thought I'd share some behind the scenes photos with you all! Keep a look out on Beatreview website for the final shots. 

And finally... My happy helpers! :)



Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LFW: A Technical Haven

One of the many observations I made at London Fashion Week was the abundance of technology on the Frow (Front-Row) at the catwalks. iPads, iPhones, Digital SLR cameras are the choice of many, hoping to snap pictures at the scene of the action then update them to blogs and twitter as soon as possible. There is an overwhelming need for speed when posting/blogging/tweeting updates live from the catwalk shows. There are even multiple media outlets dotted around Somerset house so updates can be sent as soon as they occur!

Twitter. I'm pretty sure everyone was aware of the floods of tweets and retweets about shows/designers/celebrity sightings. My Twitter feed was filled for LFW-related tweets all weekend! The mass of Instagram photos and tweets from catwalks made it possible for those left off the guest list, to have a front row seat. I wasn't at the Mulberry show (sadly), but through Twitter I had learned that Michelle Williams, Lana Del Ray and Anna Wintour were in the building! The outsider becomes the insider with the help of Twitter, and the fashion industry has become more accessible with it.

However, with all this technology, I discovered that there are a few specific rules one must abide by in order to avoid crossing over into the world of a spam. Here are a few pointers I picked up over the weekend:

Technology Etiquette: 

  • Always be aware of those behind you when taking photos - If you're in the back row then feel free to stand to get a better view, but if you're in the middle tiers then try to be courteous to your neighbour and the ones behind you when trying to get that perfect shot.
  • Don't send more than 3 tweets per show - I think I may have broken this one at the Prophetik show (I was overly excited by the clothing that I flooded Jeff Garner's feed... Sorry!!) 
  • Don't record all of the show on your iPad, etc. - iPads are rather large devices and yes they have a great image quality, but the person next to you doesn't really want to watch the entire show through your camera! Be aware of who's vision you may be blocking and keep recording to a minimum... maybe just the finale!
So, there you go. A few tips I picked up at LFW. Hope they can help you! 



Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Always remember to keep smiling. 
This is my happy song.

What's yours?



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Considering that I find myself predominantly writing about fashion or for fashion publications, it's rather strange that I haven't written about style in my own personal blog. So, here goes!

I would say that my style is ever-changing. It has probably been that way since I was a teen, when I would play with different styles to find clothes that matched my personality. The main aspect of my style that has always remained consistent would be to keep at least one aspect of it classic. Whether adding pearls to a casual jeans and baggy tee outfit to dress it up, or pairing a black peep-toe heel with a statement dress; I always keep something classic. I guess that's something that I learnt from my mother. 

My wardrobe at the moment is a mix of colours and patterns from black stripes to beige, to cerise, or sage greens. However I find myself always going back to chiffon tops. I love chiffon! The way it sits on the body, so floaty and feminine. It always flatters my curvy shape, and looks great when paired with skinny jeans (which are my wardrobe staple). 

Another wardrobe must-have of mine is a boy-fit black tuxedo jacket. I bought mine 2 years ago at H&M for £12.99, which looking back on it now seems like a bargain! Boy-fit jackets sit perfect on any shape and can be worn with anything from a cocktail dress to jeans. They're effortlessly chic and an absolute must of mine! 

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." Coco Chanel 

What are your wardrobe staples?

Until next time...



Monday, 2 January 2012


The start of a new year always makes you reflect and wonder. Everyone is looking back on the previous year, thinking about their actions, maybe even wishing they could have done things differently. Its a state of melancholy that most find themselves lost in whilst they decide how to approach the new year. A new year brings with it a new chance to reinvent and improve. Well, since it is new years and 2011 is behind us, a lot of thoughts have been floating around in my head that seem to prevent me from focusing on what I need to be focusing on. So I thought I would do a blog post in hopes of clearing my head. 

Second chances
Do second chances actually work? I've often believed in second chances and when it comes to relationships and love, I have given second chances to most past romances. But it never works. I am always the one who is worse off in the end. Since I can remember I have always been someone who can never burn bridges. In the heat of the moment things may go terribly wrong and I can become irrational (but then again, who doesn't). But I am finding that it those bridges that I have burnt at a younger age that continue to haunt me to this day today. I am finding myself lost in thought of 'what if'. This doesn't just apply to love, but also friendships too. I think you might be able to tell from the lack of coherency in my writing that my thoughts are literally all over the place. I think second chances are dependent on the situation at hand and I feel that I've been hoping for reconciliation in all the wrong places. Time to let go and move on. 

Last year I had some of the most amazing opportunities to extend my working portfolio and gain experience in various areas of journalism, media and fashion. When I mention these to various people they always reply: "Oh you're so lucky". It has nothing to do with luck at all. It is about going out there, putting the word out, emailing, knocking on doors, retweeting, until someone notices you. You can't blame circumstances for not succeeding. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get ahead in this world are the ones who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, they make them. To get by in today's world you have to show your true dedication and passion. If you keep knocking on those doors, people will notice. 

"All men dream, but not all equally. Those who dream by night, 
in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake to find it was all vanity. 
But the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act their dreams 
with open eyes, and make things happen" - T.E. Lawrence