Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011: The Best Bits

It's finally coming to the end of 2011. Still asking myself where has this year gone! As I get older, the years just seem to fly by without me noticing. 2011 has been a big year for me. It got off to a rocky start with the ending of a relationship and the dissolution of a few friendships, but out of that I've become a lot stronger with each passing month and made better friendships than I could have thought and I couldn't be happier right now. I'll give you a quick low down on a few high points of this year along with a few photos!

Enjoy :)

1) Meeting my new housemates. 
These guys are seriously amazing and never fail to make me smile. They're all so unique and different (how we all get on is one of life's great little mysteries), but as the newbie to the house, they just made it so comfortable for me and soon became a member of their little family.

2) Glastonbury: Best weekend of my life. 

3) Jacob. My baby brother who just completes my big, crazy family. His little face just lights up my day and never fails to make me smile. If I'm ever having a bad day, I only have to look at his cheeky little grin and I forget all my troubles. I can't wait to watching him grow up with Joseph next year and witness all the mischief they get in to. 

4) Jacques Townhouse and my time in London. 
Back in July, I was offered the most amazing opportunity to work with the lovely Frankie Murray of Swell Vintage, assisting her as a stylist at the Jacques Townhouse in London for 2 weeks. It was so much fun and I had a blast getting to know new people, finding lifelong friends and making great industry contacts. Wish I could relive those 2 weeks with Frankie, Akeela, Hannah, Terrence, Caroline and all the others at Chandos House!... If only to have another lumberjack breakfast at 10pm at the Diner in Soho, or to steal more of Caroline's amazing cupcakes!! 

5) Nights out with the home crew.
This year I tried to come home as often as I could to spend time with the besties. Spending many nights out just having a laugh like we used to in school and getting up to mischief. I think catching up with everyone from home is important and maintaining those friendships has really helped me get through this year.

6) Sex & London City Party at London Fashion Week
In September I went up to London with Mia and Hann for the LFW party by invite from the lovely ladies Nixalina and Karena from Fashion Forward PR. I had an amazing night talking to  people from the fashion industry and getting a little tipsy from the cocktails at Amika! The party was a great night and I finally got to meet people that I had only conversed with over Twitter. But I think spending the morning after bonding with the girls in Covent Garden, drinking tea and getting an incredible sugar rush from the biggest cupcakes ever that really was the cherry on the cake... ha!

7) Fashion Society. 
I definitely underestimated the amount of hard work that goes into help run a University society! With so much planning to do before we even came back to Uni, the girls and I had our work cut out for us before we'd even started. But it was definitely worth it! The 6 of us have worked together to plan events, with many meetings in Milgi, and getting a little too tipsy on our first social. I think our high point was pulling off our fashion charity show. We raised over £200 for charity, which really was a credit to how hard everyone had worked. Next year we have even more amazing things lined up and an even bigger fashion show! So keep an eye out for tweets and invites to our events!

(Photo courtesy of James Cohen)

2011 has been the best year yet, and I just look forward to what 2012 brings.