Thursday, 27 October 2011

In Loving Memory

I still remember the morning when everything changed. I remember the hurt look on my mother's face as she answered the telephone. I remember the sickening feeling in my stomach as we drove to the house. I remember the song that played on the radio that morning. I remember hearing the cries of my family in the other room. I remember the last time I saw him. That day was 5 years ago today and I still remember every little detail. It plays over and over in my head as I relive those final moments, before everything changed. It's been 5 years and it doesn't get any easier. 

This day is much harder now than it ever has been. As I grow older I am more aware of things and how they affect me. I realise now, more than ever, how much he influenced the person I am today.

I know everyone says that their Grandfather was the greatest. My Dado certainly was. A man who always put his family first. Who would never let one of his girls go without a seat if the house was packed (which it usually was on the weekend!). A man who's charm and kindness was so overwhelming, that you just couldn't not smile when you saw him. 

I remember his smooth voice, the sparkle of his blue eyes and the warmth in his laugh. I can still even hear him singing "Oh Aggie, Aggie May... someone's taken her away" (he had nicknames for all us kids ha!). I can still remember how frustrated I used to get when he would always ask me how my boyfriend was doing, when I didn't even have one! I remember how I could never get angry at him and no matter how upset I was, he would always make me smile. 

10 years ago, I wrote that my Dado was my Hero. And he really was. I think he was the hero of my whole family. He had 3 generations of girls who only admired him, and grandsons who idolised him. 

My Dado was a great man. I miss him more and more everyday. But I feel comfort in knowing that he is always with me and looking after my family, keeping us out of trouble and helping to make our dreams come true. I think he would be really proud if he could have seen us today; seeing the adults we've all blossomed in to. 

It was 5 years today that he went from us. From his chair, but never from our hearts.

Miss you, John Boy.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photography: Day at the Park

Just a few snaps I took today in the park with my father and brother. Roath Park in Autumn is so pretty! 



Saturday, 15 October 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

As I'm sure you might have realised, I don't blog very often, and I assure you there is a reason for that... I'm just so busy I keep forgetting to. Which I know is really bad, but I promise to take more time for my blog. I just thought I'd make a little post to keep everyone informed of what I'm currently doing and upcoming projects.
I'm sure you might have seen me tweeting links to my posts. I'm one of the newbies to the site but I had a meeting with my editor a few weeks ago who told me that my posts have been a huge success to the site! Which I am so happy about! Since then he has made me head fashion writer! At the moment the site is under construction but I've been told that I will have my own section dedicated to fashion and particularly Cardiff fashion! There is very little media out there that showcases Cardiff as an upcoming fashion capital. So I'm hoping to feature street style photos of the city's budding fashionistas, promote upcoming fashion events, include interviews of people from Cardiff who now work in the industry, etc.. It's a new project for me and I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I am so excited to see where it goes.

Singles Warehouse
I'm really excited to be one of the featured writers for Singles Warehouse, one features of the UK's leading dating blogs. The blog features a lot of really great dating tips and witty posts by writers who share their dating stories and advice to members. Personally speaking, I have experienced love before, a couple of times but still don't understand it (but then again, who does?!). So be sure to keep up with my fortnightly posts under the alias name Forever Hopeful, as I (hopefully) pass on words of wisdom to others like me.

Fashion Society
So it's my last year on University so I decided to make the most of it and so decided to join the committee of Fashion Society. So far it's been incredible and it's only the 2nd week of term! The other ladies on the committee; Mia, Hann, Hannah,Jodie and Pip have been so lovely to spend time with and we've had some great time so far planning all the events and meeting for tea. Some of our events aren't just for members, so I  will try to keep you all posted on any that I think you'd like to come along to !

I do have lots of other little projects but some are unconfirmed and are still 'in the works', so out of fear of jinxing them, I won't say too much about them... for now!



Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

So I realised that I am awfully delayed with putting up my posts, which I do apologise for! Being back in Uni, it's a little difficult to juggle so many different things. Anyway, I have just returned home having spent a lovely couple of hours with Mia and Catt at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Cardiff's Student Union. I always love going to Judy's fairs as they always have the best selection of vintage buys from homeware to jewelry and even had a cute seating area for tea and cupcakes!

There were so many different stalls from lots of new independent vintage sellers that we had to make 4 trips around the stalls in order to take everything in! The variety was overwhelming! I managed to catch up with the lovely ladies at Rose Tinted vintage (who always have the most amazing dresses at the best prices!), they're always my favourite ladies for vintage and always have the cutest bags! 

I was surprised and overwhelmed by the age ranges of the shoppers at the fair. There were young children with their parents, young teens to adults, it was really lovely. Catching up with Jo and Danielle from Rose Tinted we were discussing how Cardiff has a overwhelming support network of vintage buyers and shoppers but not many people know about the events. It seems to be a common passion for most fashion shoppers in  Cardiff but not many know of the events. So I'm hoping that my work with I can hopefully bring more awareness to these events and keep everyone in the know! 

Here are just a few photos I took at the fair:

Overall, a lovely morning of vintage, fun, tea and cakes! Looking forward to the next fair!

Also, if anyone knows of any vintage/fashion events then please let me know on