Thursday, 27 October 2011

In Loving Memory

I still remember the morning when everything changed. I remember the hurt look on my mother's face as she answered the telephone. I remember the sickening feeling in my stomach as we drove to the house. I remember the song that played on the radio that morning. I remember hearing the cries of my family in the other room. I remember the last time I saw him. That day was 5 years ago today and I still remember every little detail. It plays over and over in my head as I relive those final moments, before everything changed. It's been 5 years and it doesn't get any easier. 

This day is much harder now than it ever has been. As I grow older I am more aware of things and how they affect me. I realise now, more than ever, how much he influenced the person I am today.

I know everyone says that their Grandfather was the greatest. My Dado certainly was. A man who always put his family first. Who would never let one of his girls go without a seat if the house was packed (which it usually was on the weekend!). A man who's charm and kindness was so overwhelming, that you just couldn't not smile when you saw him. 

I remember his smooth voice, the sparkle of his blue eyes and the warmth in his laugh. I can still even hear him singing "Oh Aggie, Aggie May... someone's taken her away" (he had nicknames for all us kids ha!). I can still remember how frustrated I used to get when he would always ask me how my boyfriend was doing, when I didn't even have one! I remember how I could never get angry at him and no matter how upset I was, he would always make me smile. 

10 years ago, I wrote that my Dado was my Hero. And he really was. I think he was the hero of my whole family. He had 3 generations of girls who only admired him, and grandsons who idolised him. 

My Dado was a great man. I miss him more and more everyday. But I feel comfort in knowing that he is always with me and looking after my family, keeping us out of trouble and helping to make our dreams come true. I think he would be really proud if he could have seen us today; seeing the adults we've all blossomed in to. 

It was 5 years today that he went from us. From his chair, but never from our hearts.

Miss you, John Boy.

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