Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LFW: A Technical Haven

One of the many observations I made at London Fashion Week was the abundance of technology on the Frow (Front-Row) at the catwalks. iPads, iPhones, Digital SLR cameras are the choice of many, hoping to snap pictures at the scene of the action then update them to blogs and twitter as soon as possible. There is an overwhelming need for speed when posting/blogging/tweeting updates live from the catwalk shows. There are even multiple media outlets dotted around Somerset house so updates can be sent as soon as they occur!

Twitter. I'm pretty sure everyone was aware of the floods of tweets and retweets about shows/designers/celebrity sightings. My Twitter feed was filled for LFW-related tweets all weekend! The mass of Instagram photos and tweets from catwalks made it possible for those left off the guest list, to have a front row seat. I wasn't at the Mulberry show (sadly), but through Twitter I had learned that Michelle Williams, Lana Del Ray and Anna Wintour were in the building! The outsider becomes the insider with the help of Twitter, and the fashion industry has become more accessible with it.

However, with all this technology, I discovered that there are a few specific rules one must abide by in order to avoid crossing over into the world of a spam. Here are a few pointers I picked up over the weekend:

Technology Etiquette: 

  • Always be aware of those behind you when taking photos - If you're in the back row then feel free to stand to get a better view, but if you're in the middle tiers then try to be courteous to your neighbour and the ones behind you when trying to get that perfect shot.
  • Don't send more than 3 tweets per show - I think I may have broken this one at the Prophetik show (I was overly excited by the clothing that I flooded Jeff Garner's feed... Sorry!!) 
  • Don't record all of the show on your iPad, etc. - iPads are rather large devices and yes they have a great image quality, but the person next to you doesn't really want to watch the entire show through your camera! Be aware of who's vision you may be blocking and keep recording to a minimum... maybe just the finale!
So, there you go. A few tips I picked up at LFW. Hope they can help you! 



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